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Last week, industry insider Tom Henderson shared a video discussing a couple of things that he had heard regarding the sixth installment of Rockstar Games’ heavily anticipated action-adventure franchise, Grand Theft Auto VI. One of the major rumors that Henderson dropped was that GTA VI would be set in a modern-day version of the Miami-inspired locale introduced in the 2002 entry, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the map of which is purportedly being designed to grow and evolve overtime with the inevitable addition of DLC. What was really shocking about Henderson’s report is that he also claimed that GTA VI would not arrive until 2025—nearly twelve years after the debut of its predecessor, GTA V. That date has drawn a lot of skepticism based on previous leaks that suggested GTA VI has actually been in the works for many years (e.g., voice actor CVs), but another insider, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, corroborated Henderson’s claims today, stating that he has heard the same things from his sources. Schreier echoed the claim that GTA VI is still in early development and will have an “evolving/expanding map.”

Henderson also discussed a potential for the GTA 6 map to change over time, similar to how Epic Games regularly overhauls its Fortnite map during end-of-season events. There was also a mention of GTA 6 having multiple playable characters, something which GTA 5 introduced to the series when it first came out. Even if these rumors are true, fans are going to be in for a long wait due to several factors.

Sources: Tom Henderson, Jason Schreier, Gamespot, NeoGAF

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