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Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall and Titanfall 2 games are suffering from DDoS attacks and hacks that have prevented anyone from playing the popular mech-riding FPS titles for over two years, and an increasing number of fans are growing tired of it. Frustration at the inability of joining any Titanfall games has seemingly reached an all-time high, as hackers have reportedly targeted EA and Respawn’s free-to-play Battle Royale shooter, Apex Legends, in order to get their message across. As evidenced by screenshots shared by Apex Legends News, at least one hacker is taking over Apex Legends’ playlists with messages redirecting players to a “Save Titanfall” website that calls on EA and Respawn to fix the “completely unplayable” games. The hacker has also blamed EA for continuing to sell games that do not work as advertised.

Respawn and Electronic Arts have the resources to fix these issues, yet they don’t, knowingly continuing to sell a game that does not work as advertised, and doesn’t work at all. Every year Respawn is celebrating each Titanfall 1 anniversary, thanking customers for their support. Nowhere on the Origin or Steam store listings does it say that the game is unplayable, and from the reviews you can see that many people met the same fate of buying an unplayable game.

Sources: Save Titanfall, Apex Legends News, Dextero, Kotaku

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  1. Yeah, managed to sneak into a few matches but eventually abandoned, shame people feel the need to hack a game to complain about another hacked game, why not hack the original to make it go their way or make a point.

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