Windows 11 Home Users Won’t Be Able to Install the OS without a Microsoft Account

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Image: Microsoft

Prospective Windows 11 users who opt for the Home version of Microsoft’s upcoming operating system will be unable to install it unless they have a Microsoft Account. This has been confirmed by a PCWorld editor, who reached out to a source close to Microsoft and was told that installing Windows 11 with a local account will be a privilege that’s exclusive to the Professional version. What this means is that Windows 11 Home users who prefer the old-school and traditional route of offline account creation during the setup process are out of luck. Windows 11 Home users still have the option of creating a local account after the installation process, however.

Image: Microsoft

Our source told us that local account users will not have a “diminished or limited experience,” though they won’t be able to sync content or use Windows 11’s ability to sync or recommend content from other devices. That content—which could include documents or webpages that a user had viewed on another PC—is typically synced to the user’s MSA account.

Source: PCWorld

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