BMW Unveils Concept Gaming Chair with Adaptive Seating, Microclimate Control System, and Massage Functions

Image: BMW Designworks

Automobile giant BMW recently unveiled the gaming chair of the future at a short online event. Developed in collaboration with subsidiary Designworks, BMW’s Rival Rig is a gaming chair that boasts a range of advanced features, such as sensors built into the seat that measure the user’s exact body size and posture for the ideal fit. This is complemented by different preset modes that are optimized for different usage scenarios (e.g., a “boost mode” for intensive gaming sessions and “ease mode” for relaxation). BMW’s Rival Rig is even equipped with motors capable of giving users small massages, as well as a Micro Climate Control System that cools or warms the seat in various places based on readings taken by temperature sensors. It isn’t clear whether the chair will ever be a commercially available product.

Image: BMW Designworks

Rivalworks boss Holger Hampf also speaks of a dynamic Ambilight with RGB LEDs. The lighting should adjust itself depending on the game situation. The lighting should also react in particularly dramatic scenes, such as a 1-on-3 clutch in CS: GO.

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