Ubisoft Removes Might & Magic X: Legacy from Steam after DRM Makes It Unplayable

Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has been forced to halt sales of Might & Magic X: Legacy on the Steam store after players discovered that the latest installment of the long-running RPG series no longer works. This is all thanks to the game’s DRM, which requires an online connection for authentication—unfortunately, that process no longer works because Ubisoft recently decided to terminate the online services of Might & Magic X: Legacy alongside seven other titles. Ubisoft had explained that the solo features of these games would remain available, but Might & Magic X: Legacy players can no longer get past Act 1 in its single-player mode. Paid DLC can’t be accessed, either.

One review reads: “Really classy move; making a single player game unplayable by closing its servers (never mind the fact that making a single-player game dependent on servers is unacceptable) instead of patching to keep it playable, and then removing it from sale, while screwing its existing owners.”

Sources: Steam, VGC

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