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InWin has announced a new PC case that takes lighting effects to another level. An ATX mid-tower chassis that supports E-ATX motherboards up to 12 x 13 in size, InWin’s 309 Gaming Edition features 144 LEDs on the front panel that can be thoroughly customized via the company’s GLOW X software to display not only walls of lighting effects but animated graphics as well. The LED panel even features three built-in games (Magi Jump, 309 Racing, Blox) that can be played with an exclusive gamepad, as well as a built-in sound receiver that allows the lighting to react to noise. InWin has yet to share any pricing or availability information for the 309 Gaming Edition.

Image: InWin

The I/O panel is located on the side of the case, and the vertical arrangement is convenient for operation and use. In addition to being equipped with USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C, 2 USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A and HD audio and video jack slots, it also provides front panel lights. The manual mode button with effect and fan control allows users to switch between different modes quickly and easily.

Sources: InWin, Tom’s Hardware

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  1. I am torn.

    On the one hand, this could be kinda cool to take your disco LED gaming to another level… make custom “screens” for the front?

    On the other hand, one wonders if airflow suffers because solid front panel full of LEDs… and any heat?

    On the third hand, why……

    Pretty soon we will have LED toilet seats. To improve your performance on the “go” :poop:

  2. [QUOTE=”Burticus, post: 37370, member: 297″]
    On the third hand, why……

    I’m with this thought.

  3. On the fourth hand, it’s In-Win. Some of their cases look good, but some are made cheap, then there is price to consider as well. In-Win can be over priced with some of the models.

    I really wanted an In-Win D-Frame once upon a time…. Glad I didn’t get one. Lots of faulty IO front panel issues, bad welds. I was very hesitant to get the Chopin, but it’s held up so far.

  4. As an 8×18 panel, it’d be cool if it were addressable outside of their software. Really that’s the weak link for this stuff, otherwise the case has 4×120 intake and 3×120 exhaust, and that’s plenty to move heat out.

  5. Almost as good as the best RGB LED I’ve ever seen



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