AMD CEO Lisa Su Thinks Chip Supplies Will Remain “Quite Tight” for All of 2021

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Image: AMD

The supply situation for AMD’s popular Ryzen processors doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as bad as they are for some of its other hardware offerings such as Radeon graphics cards, but AMD President and CEO Lisa Su recently provided remarks that suggest normalization throughout its entire product portfolio could still be many months away. Speaking in an interview with Barron’s, Su acknowledged the effect of the pandemic on the supply and demand balance in the semiconductor sector and stated that things would continue to be “quite tight” for the rest of the year, neglecting to provide any real certainty as to what kind of improvement the industry might see as it heads into 2022. Su confirmed that AMD has been bringing on more capacity every quarter in an effort to meet the unexpected and incredible demand for its products, however.

Image: AMD

We make many of these decisions years in advance. But what’s happened over the past 12 months is that the demand has far exceeded even our aggressive expectations. From our standpoint it is very much about continuing to ramp capacity, because we do have such strong demand. Our visibility and our partnerships, with both our suppliers and customers, are really good. This is all about communication in all channels to ensure we’re all growing in the same direction. – AMD President and CEO Lisa Su

Source: Barron’s

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