Image: EVGA

EVGA employee and famed overclocker Vince “Kingpin” Lucido has shared a teaser image for EVGA’s first AMD motherboard, the X570S DARK. The image, which was posted by Lucido on his Facebook account, shows the backside of the motherboard with an appropriately black PCB and large DARK logo on an AMD Ryzen swirl. Lucido didn’t have much to say about it besides confirming that EVGA has taken “the red pill,” but according to information gleaned by GamersNexus, the X570S DARK motherboard should be available in the third quarter. EVGA is also reportedly working on a second motherboard for AMD Ryzen processors.

Image: Vince Lucido

GamersNexus has now had at least some details confirmed. There will be an X570S Dark from EVGA , but a second mainboard is also planned. Both should come on the market in the 3rd quarter. Features such as the ATX connection rotated by 90 ° can be found here as well as special OC functions of the Dark series. The second mainboard will apparently come from the FTW series. The Dark series addresses Extreme-OC, the FTW series the classic high-end segment.

Sources: Vince Lucido, Hardwareluxx, GamersNexus

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  1. No dual cpu like on the SR-2? No waterblock for the vrm like on the SR-3? I hate teasing.

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