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Sega and Relic Entertainment have announced the third installment of their critically acclaimed real-time strategy series, Company of Heroes. Launching on PC in late 2022, Company of Heroes 3 will combine the legendary strategy franchise’s heart-pounding combat with new layers of strategy in an all-new setting based in the Mediterranean. Sega and Relic Entertainment haven’t shared a release date for Company of Heroes 3 yet, but fans can get an early taste of the game via its free pre-alpha preview, which is available now on Steam.

Our amazing Company of Heroes community can now go “hands-on” with our free Pre-Alpha Preview. For three weeks starting July 13th 11am PDT, experience a pre-alpha “glimpse” of our single player campaign and give us your feedback. To gain free access, simply join our new CoH-Development program here.

Source: Company of Heroes

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  1. I really enjoyed the first game, but I never played the second game. Glad to see this one is still being made by Relic.

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