Final Fantasy XIV Is So Popular, Square Enix Ran Out of Digital Copies

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Image: Square Enix

One of the benefits of selling games digitally is that there’s technically an unlimited supply to go around, but Square Enix has proven that lack of stock could still be a real possibility even for digital releases. As indicated by users on r/ffxiv and ResetEra, Square Enix recently managed to sell through all of its digital copies of Final Fantasy XIV Complete Edition, a bundle that includes the standard version of the popular MMORPG and its various expansions. While the digital version of the game appears to be widely available again, FFXIV fans couldn’t purchase a download code for the PC or PlayStation 4 versions of the game yesterday. As one reader suggested, it’s likely that Square Enix ran out of pre-generated digital codes due to the game’s unexpected popularity.

Image: Polydopamine

You’d think that a game would only run out of stock due to physical limitations—discs, packaging, and other products contingent on ever-dwindling raw materials. Code, after all, is infinite. So these limitations presumably have something to do with player capacity, as a sudden influx of players wouldn’t exactly be great on servers.

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