Cooler Master Announces HAF 500 Case

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Image: Cooler Master

Cooler Master has brought back its renowned HAF series PC chassis. Sometimes jokingly referred to as fans with a case, the series is known for providing maximum airflow for demanding builds and ease of access for components with tool-less side panels. The new HAF 500 series will be available in black or white and comes with a 120 mm fan on top of the HDD cage for dedicated GPU cooling, 2x 200 mm fans on the front, and a 120 mm fan for exhaust. Up to 2x 360 mm radiators can be mounted for additional cooling options. A flagship HAF product is also in development and “set to break records and redefine the PC world as we know it.”

Image: Cooler Master

Large filtered intakes with iconic 200 mm ARGB fans, embedded in the core of the HAF500 in design and function, optimizes airflow, moving high volumes of air quietly and effectively. Utilizing the included hub, ARGB lighting can be effortlessly customized to the user’s taste, bringing to life the setup within.

Sources: Cooler Master, OC3D

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