AMD Releases Source Code for FidelityFX Super Resolution, Support Coming to Resident Evil Village and More Titles Very Soon

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Image: AMD

AMD today released the source code for FidelityFX Super Resolution, allowing developers to check out what its cutting-edge, super-optimized spatial upscaling technology can do for their games. Red team complemented the announcement by confirming that four new games would be getting support for FidelityFX Super Resolution in short time. These include Arcadegeddon and Necromunda: Hired Gun, which will be getting FidelityFX Super Resolution support tomorrow on July 16, while Edge of Eternity and Resident Evil Village will be getting support “in the next two weeks.” These titles bring the total number of FidelityFX Super Resolution titles up to 12. AMD has also released a new slide deck that provides some technical insight into how its spatial upscaling technology works.

If you are a game developer, since our announcement on June 22, you’ve probably been counting the days until you can get access to FSR and integrate it into your game, and the time has now come! Starting today on GPUOpen, you can get access to the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution source code for free under the open source MIT License, get FSR documentation, and download a new sample that shows off FSR and lets you view the different FSR modes and see how they impact image quality and performance.

Source: AMD (1, 2)

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