F1 2021 Debuts with Ray Tracing and NVIDIA DLSS, Boosting Performance by Up to 65 Percent

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Codemasters’ latest Formula 1 title, F1 2021, is out today on the PC with NVIDIA DLSS and ray tracing. According to a write-up by green team, F1 2021 players with GeForce RTX 20 and 30 Series graphics cards can utilize DLSS for improved performance of up to 60 percent, allowing “every GeForce RTX GPU owner to play at 60 FPS+ at 2560×1440, and owners of the GeForce RTX 3070 and up to play at over 60 FPS at 4K with max settings and ray tracing.” Codemasters’ F1 2021 also boasts beautiful ray tracing in the form of ray-traced reflections and shadows, both of which bolster the racer’s already impressive visuals. F1 2021 players can enable ray tracing simply by activating the feature in the options menu.

With ray tracing, all surrounding detail is accurately reflected on each car, and on windows, water surfaces and other metallic game elements, which previously lacked reflections, or featured simple cube maps. Now, all reflect the world around them, improving fidelity and realism. And with ray-traced shadows, existing shadows are enhanced with more accurate detail that naturally softens and sharpens, and many more smaller game elements now cast shadows, further enhancing the realism and quality of circuits, cars, and other game elements.

Source: NVIDIA

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