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Christopher Judge has landed the part of T’Challa in Marvel’s Avengers. Interestingly, it is not the first time he was offered the part. The veteran actor famous for playing Teal’c on Stargate-SG1 and Kratos in God of War had initially declined the role, as he felt no one should follow in the late Chadwick Boseman’s footsteps. It was his family that pushed him into accepting it. He jokingly said his children and mother threatened to disown him if he didn’t. Black Panther will debut in a free expansion in August.

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The late Chadwick Boseman has come to define mainstream culture’s understanding of Black Panther. One can’t think of T’Challa these days without acknowledging how the actor’s 2018 movie role defined the character for generations of Marvel fans. Stargate‘s Christopher Judge, the man forever linked to the God of War gaming franchise as the booming voice of Kratos, understands this well. It’s also why he had reservations about taking on Black Panther when a new opportunity presented itself.

Source: Entertainment Weekly (via KitGuru)

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  1. I was wondering where I had heard the name before.

    Also took me a minute to realize they were talking about the video game. The game doesn’t follow MCU cannon, so it wouldn’t have been necessary to get the actor for voice acting. Still a nice gesture on Judge’s behalf.

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