Image: Der8auer

Popular overclocker Der8auer has shared a video that demonstrates just how resilient some of today’s graphics cards are in the face of extreme temperatures. Having gotten his hands on a PC with components that were seemingly annihilated in a house fire, Der8auer decided to check whether the MSI GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER graphics card inside still had any life to it. Surprisingly enough, it did—while the graphics card needed to be taken apart and cleaned, Der8auer was able to confirm that the GPU was still usable after checking it with a multimeter and cooling it with a liquid nitrogen pot. The processor, an AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, was also lucky enough to survive thanks to the protection provided by a large AIO pump.

Surprisingly though, the graphics card still appeared to be in one piece, without much physical damage to the plastic shroud. Graphics cards were designed for higher temperatures after all, so Der8auer decided to check if the graphics card was able to survive the fire.

Source: Der8auer (via VideoCardz)

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    Reminds me of pre-6th-gen Nintendo consoles. Those things were nigh indestructible. House fires, lawn mowers, 20 story drops, left out on the lawn during thunderstorms, CRT TVs dropped on them, you name it, those systems could survive it.

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