PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Review

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The T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver

The PicTek T7 uses a lightweight gaming software tool called the T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver to adjust sensitivity levels, 4 polling rates, color assignments for sensitivity levels, and for macro recording and assignment.

The software is simple and very lightweight, and in contrast to many software ‘suites’ that manufacturers provide for product configuration, does not need to stay running in the background. Also in contrast to more common software suites, the T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver must be open to switch between profiles, with configuration changes requiring a press of the ‘Apply’ button to take effect, though the three modes available per profile are switchable using a dedicated button on the bottom of the mouse. Thankfully, parameter changes are applied quickly, and there’s enough flexibility available to cover most common gaming and desktop use cases.

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver Software Main Tab

The Main tab as seen above provides the configuration interface for the seven mouse buttons and the polling rate, along with mouse sensitivity, scrolling speed, and double-click speed. Mouse sensitivity and mouse wheel scrolling speed are tied into Windows options with the ‘Improve pointer precision’ checkbox mirroring Windows’ own ‘Enhance pointer precision’ checkbox available in the legacy Mouse Properties settings menu.

As these settings are global, we do not recommend changing them when the mouse will be used for gaming. Instead, use the configuration options on the Advanced tab.

The T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver also allows for up to five profiles that have three modes available for button assignment, however as you’ll see on the Advanced tab DPI and RGB settings are limited to one per profile.

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver Software Advanced Tab
PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse RGB Color Selection

The Advanced tab houses the five sensitivity (DPI) sliders and allows for customization of the color of each DPI setting and a range of effects that apply to all color settings. Clicking on the color square next to the DPI slider brings up the standard Windows color picker with forty-eight basic colors and sixteen custom color slots available. With an RGB color field to choose from as well as eight bits per channel (value range of 0-255) as well as a Hue / Saturation / Luminance control, this is a simple but effective color solution.

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver Software Macro Tab
PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Macro Options

The Macro tab allows for macro recording and macro editing. Like the DPI settings and RGB settings, there are five profiles available for organizing banks of recorded macros, and each of the macros recorded in the Macro list are made available for assignment to one of the PicTek T7’s seven buttons on the main tab via a pop-out menu. Because the T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver supports three modes per profile, users have the ability to change macro assignments without changing to a different profile. Also worth noting is that recorded macros are available to all profiles so that macros won’t have to be re-recorded in order to apply the same macro to multiple profiles.

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Angled View


Today we took a look at the PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse, a budget offering that brings performance and versatility at a low price of entry. The PicTek T7 offers a lot of mouse here for a rather surprising take-home cost. The official MSRP on PicTek’s website is $29.99, which in itself is a great price.

At the time of writing the mouse can be found on Amazon at a discount $13.99. Since we started this review the mouse has been at a discounted price at Amazon. You should be able to find it under MSRP which makes it even more appealing. This means you can pick up a gaming mouse, with programmable features, and RGB, at a really budget price.

Our Experiences

The PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse feels good in the hand, has responsive buttons, and in our use didn’t skip a beat. Being a firmly budget entry, the PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse does show some weaknesses, in our experiences, relative to the pricier name-brand competition. It’s not quite a ‘no frills’ affair, so here’s what we feel buyers should keep in mind when considering the T7.

First up are the mouse feet. With very little surface area and depth, care should be taken to prevent the feet from experiencing excessive wear. Then there’s the frustrating cable that will need attention to keep under control, and finally the vague mouse wheel detents that can make precise input difficult. Additionally, while the PicTek T7 is generally fairly well built, it does creak under pressure and rattle slightly when shaken, though neither are noticeable during normal usage.

Last is the software. Plenty of customization is provided, but the T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Driver does not allow for lighting to be unhitched from sensitivity selection, let alone the capability of external synchronization even with PicTek’s other RGB-enabled offerings. While the lightweight software is limited in comparison to software suites that are designed to synchronize lighting and effects across a variety of devices, the flexibility needed to adapt the T7 to a variety of use cases is easily accessible.

FPS Gaming

Without a doubt, the PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse can game. Tracking has high accuracy and available sensitivity adjustments may be dialed in as needed. As it is on the heavier side, the PicTek T7 is certainly not going to be as flickable as its lighter weight competition and the stiff cable is likely to frustrate, but it’s well within the average weight for its class and typical desktop cable management strategies can limit frustration.

General Use

On the desktop, the PicTek T7 provides plenty of control for precise input and the macro functionality exposed by the software is just as welcome, with the vague mouse wheel detents being our sole reservation.

Final Points

When it comes to getting the job done, the PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse covers the bases and then some. At $29.99 it’s a good deal, but since our review, this mouse has actually been available well under that pricing at Amazon. Currently, it is $13.99, but it has been as low as $12, and even $5 at one time with Prime Membership. So keep an eye on this mouse if you don’t want to spend much, but need a little more functionality for gaming than just a standard two or three-button mouse, and hey, it has RGB and some software programable functionality. Just don’t expect the refined fit and finish of the hardware and software you’d get from a more expensive $100 gaming mouse, this is a budget mouse, for budget gamers, through and through.


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