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Today we’re taking a look at a popular PC gaming mouse. The PICTEK T7 is a wired offering with seven programmable buttons, a bottom-mounted mode switch, a 7200dpi sensor, and RGB lighting that reflects the current sensitivity level. The PICTEK GAMING MOUSE WIRED, PROGRAMMABLE, ERGONOMIC is a budget-wired mouse available for only $22.99 MSRP. But how does it stand up as a low-dollar budget gaming mouse?

Who is PICTEK?

PICTEK is a company that “aims to provide good and budget gaming keyboards and mouse (sic) for customers“, according to their page, and is a sub-brand of VicTsing. The packaging and the badge on the bottom of the mouse lists Easterntimes Tech at etpc.cn as the manufacturer.

Based on PicTek’s Amazon listings, as well as the offerings under the VicTsing brand, their claim of providing ‘budget’ products appears to hold up at the time of this review. Read on to see if the PicTek T7 also fulfills its claim of making ‘good’ products!

The Package

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Box Contents

Right off the bat, the package that the PicTek T7 ships in is quite spartan. It’s obvious that PicTek isn’t focused on trying to woo retail customers, but don’t let that fool you: the mouse inside is a solid piece of kit. PicTek includes a short booklet and an optical disc containing mouse software.

Introducing the PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Top View

The PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse is what one would expect from a gaming mouse – a high-sensitivity sensor, seven buttons, assignable sensitivity levels, RGB lighting, and adjustable polling rates. It supports dpi levels 1200/2400/3500/5500/7200 dpi. It’s a larger, average-weight alternative with a comfortable ergonomic shell that largely mimics the shape of Logitech’s G500-series mice in the hand while coming in a few millimeters narrower and shorter and a few grams lighter.

That’s not to say that the PicTek T7 is a real competitor to Logitech’s feature-packed offerings, nonetheless, PicTek’s entry satisfies the basics in-game and on the desktop.

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Side View

PicTek has outfitted the T7 Wired Gaming Mouse with all the essentials. The main left and right triggers are snappy, wiggle-free, and void of pre-and post-travel annoyances, the left thumb rest has texturing to improve grip, which is also applied to the right side for the ring and pinky fingers, and the forward button also has texturing on the contact surface to help the user’s thumb differentiate from the back button. Those secondary forward and back buttons along with the two sensitivity adjustment buttons behind the mouse wheel are well integrated into the shell and provide just enough resistance to prevent accidental clicks while exhibiting positive tactile feedback in use.

PicTek has this to say about the mouse: 7200 dpi & 4 polling rate, Programmable buttons, 16 million color fancy cool led backlit, Ergonomic & skin-friendly design, High-quality ABS materials.

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Front View

Moving to the front of the PicTek T7 Wired Gaming Mouse, the single-piece surface used for the left and right triggers is visible, as is the protrusion of the forward and rear buttons. Also visible is the cable, which has an upward-slant at its root, but is constructed with a stiff plastic sheath that will likely require a mouse bungee to prevent reaction-limiting surface dragging and to keep tidy on the desk.

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Closeup of Scroll Wheel

The PicTek T7 has an effective rubber pattern that prevents slipping when using the fairly-recessed mouse wheel. It’s still where one’s fingers expect it to be and isn’t set low relative to the trigger contact surfaces, but rather is somewhat concealed by the upward slope of the triggers toward the central axis of the T7. On camera, the mouse wheel on the review sample does exhibit a tilt toward the right trigger that wasn’t noticed in use, however, the weakly defined mouse wheel detents were, which may frustrate users that rely on precise mouse wheel adjustments.

PICTEK T7 Wired Gaming Mouse Bottom View

The feet on the bottom of the PicTek T7 are rather small and shallow for a mouse of this size and weight making use on cloth or low-friction surfaces advisable to extend their service life. Alternatively, one could add aftermarket feet to augment the stock configuration given the amount of free space available.

Also on the bottom of the mouse is the unmappable Mode Switch that allows for rotating through one of three modes available in each of the five profiles as well as the sensor that pulses visibly during operation.

Size and Weight

The size we measured was 125mm in length and 72mm in width. This matches the sizing specified. Weight with cable was 139 grams, and weight with mouse only was 107 grams.


Weight with cable: 139g
Weight without cable: 107g
Height: 41mm
Width: 72mm
Depth: 125mm
USB 2.0
Default DPI settings: 1200dpi, 2400dpi, 3500dpi, 5500dpi, 7200dpi (maximum)
Minimum DPI: 500dpi
Polling rates: 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz
Warranty: two years after signing up for PICTEK VIP
Weight and dimensions measured from review sample
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