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Neill Blomkamp, the director behind films such as District 9 and Elysium, has officially entered the video games industry. Speaking to IGN, Blomkamp confirmed that he is working on a AAA multiplayer shooter with Gunzilla Games, a new studio established last year comprising talent from notable outfits such as Crytek, Ubisoft, and EA. As Gunzilla Games’ Chief Visionary Officer, Blomkamp will serve as a “an egalitarian version of being a film director” to help the development team shape the aesthetic of its new game. Gunzilla hasn’t shared any real details about its project, but Blomkamp’s resume and history as a filmmaker suggests that it will have strong sci-fi elements and a rich narrative.

Blomkamp won’t be drawn into saying more about the game, and makes clear that it doesn’t have any overt connection to any of his movie work – although he does allude to a possible setting: “I think the idea of near future science fiction is something that is really interesting. Conceptually, as well as from a visual and design point of view, that’s my favorite zone to be inside of.”

Source: IGN

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  1. I’m still bummed we’ll never get to see his Alien movie with Sigourney. I was really looking forward to that.
  2. Why do you need a hollywood director / writer for a multiplayer title where the narrative is irrelevant?

    Better yet: why do we need another multiplayer shooter?

  3. Oh sh1t, I hadn’t even heard about that.

    Yeah, they were working together on it in between Prometheus and Covenant, and the powers that be decided to cancel it and focus on Covenant instead. Here’s a decent story on it. I was following it for a few years between 2015-2019 and was pretty pissed when it got canceled.

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