NVIDIA-Arm Deal Faces Further Delays, Could Force Arm to Consider IPO

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NVIDIA’s planned acquisition of Arm has encountered a delay that could place the deal in jeopardy. European regulators will be going on break today, and it has been reported they haven’t even begun reviewing the deal because NVIDIA has not submitted the required documents yet. The purchase was supposed to be completed by March 2022, but if more delays occur, an IPO could happen beforehand. Media and public responses on the sale have been mixed. Jensen Huang and Simon Segars recently sat down at The Six-Five Summit to explain the benefits of the potential merger of the two companies.

The $40 billion transaction between Nvidia and Softbank over acquisition of processor designer Arm could be delayed by the European Commission which is yet to receive all the necessary documents from the U.S. GPU giant. If the approval is delayed significantly, Arm will be forced to consider an IPO. 

Sources: The Telegraph (via Tom’s Hardware), NVIDIA

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