Dragon Age and Final Fantasy Live-Action Series Reportedly in Development at Netflix

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Image: Square Enix

Netflix is reportedly developing new series based on two of the most popular fantasy RPG franchises of all time, BioWare’s Dragon Age and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy. The rumor stems from Giant Freakin Robot, whose “trusted and proven” sources claim that the world’s biggest streamer is working on live-action adaptations of these beloved properties. Being that there are zero details on what these shows might be about aside from the insistence that they’re happening, the reports should be taken with a grain salt, but Netflix’s venture into additional fantasy-based video game franchises would make plenty of sense—The Witcher, whose second season premieres on December 17, has been a big hit for the streamer. Netflix’s writers could easily find inspiration from the rich world that BioWare developed for Dragon Age’s continent of Thedas, while Final Fantasy has seen so many characters and locales that it can go just about anywhere.

Image: BioWare

Netflix isn’t new to the video game adaptation, having already produced The Witcher which is heading into its second season. It has been one of the platform’s most popular offerings, becoming one of the most-streamed series ever for the streaming service. One could imagine a Dragon Age [and Final Fantasy] series reaching similar heights if done well.

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