Motherboard Manufacturers Balk at Intel’s New ATX12VO Power Standard, Alder Lake Z690 Motherboards to Retain 24-Pin Connectors

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Image: Intel

Something that Intel is keen on introducing as part of its upcoming Intel Z690 motherboards for 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake” processors is support for a new power standard called ATX12VO that promises reduced idle desktop power for lower energy use. Recent reports suggest that many motherboard manufacturers couldn’t care less and have opted to retain the traditional 24-pin ATX12V specification for their upcoming products, however. According to one insider, Yuuki_ans, some manufacturers are merely offering ATX12VO to ATX12V adapter boards, while others, more humorously, have designed a single ATX12VO motherboard that won’t actually be released and exists solely to meet Intel’s alleged requirement that there must be at least one board supporting its new power standard. Two ATX12VO motherboards that are already available on the market are MSI’s Z590 PRO and ASRock’s Z590 Phantom Gaming 4SR.

Featuring support for Alder Lake Desktop CPUs, the Z690 motherboards were going to adopt the new standard which is shown to reduce idle power by half, but the power efficiency gains are not as significant as power increases all the way up to a full load. To get ATX12VO running, you would need a proper PSU & a motherboard with the necessary power connectors. This is just too much of an upgrade for existing users and could be one of the many reasons why motherboard makers are deciding against using the standard.

Source: Yuuki_ans (via Wccftech)

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