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Indie developer XeloGames has released Escape from Naraka, a hellish first-person action platformer that takes players to a temple in another realm to save their beloved from an evil demon named Rangda the Leyak Queen. As noted in a new GeForce article published by green team, XeloGames’ Escape from Naraka boasts NVIDIA’s exciting DLSS and RTX Global Illumination technologies for improved performance and visuals. NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards owners can expect up to 2x the performance at max settings at 4K thanks to DLSS, while comparison screenshots allude to far more impressive lighting effects with RTX Global Illumination enabled. Escape from Naraka also features real-time ray-traced reflections that add another level of realism to its scenes.

Like many indie developers , XeloGames’ three developers couldn’t build a new game engine and tech from scratch, so they instead leveraged Unreal Engine 4 and NVIDIA’s NVRTX branch, which includes ready-made, optimized ray-tracing technologies that can be enabled with a click of the mouse. Extensive documentation provides further details, and NVIDIA’s developer portal enables studios to get assistance from our engineers and experts should the need arise.

Source: NVIDIA

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