Here’s What AMD’s New AM5 Socket for Next-Gen Ryzen Desktop CPUs Supposedly Looks Like

Image: ExecutableFix

Leaker ExecutableFix has shared new renders that provide a glimpse at what AMD’s next-generation AM5 CPU socket will supposedly look like. With one of the major changes being a transition to land grid array (LGA) packaging, the socket that will ultimately house Ryzen 6000 Series “Raphael” processors and other future Ryzen desktop chips is expected to line up closely with Intel’s by adopting more solid retention measures such as a metal cover. The latch, now fully exposed, also looks to be a bit sturdier than the one that traditionally accompanies AM4 sockets. Enthusiasts should be able to get an intimate look at these next year, as AMD recently confirmed that its Zen 4 products are on track for a 2022 release.

[…] we can see that the retention design for AM5 ‘LGA 1718’ socket is very similar to existing Intel CPU sockets. The socket has a single latch & gone are the days of worrying about pins underneath your precious processors. The next-gen Ryzen CPUs will feature a land grid array packaging and the pins will be featured in the socket itself that will make contact with the LGA pads under the processor.

Source: ExecutableFix (via Wccftech)

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