3dfx Interactive Confirms That It’ll “Discuss New Hardware” Very Soon

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Image: 3dfx Interactive

3dfx Interactive, an essentially dead graphics cards company, stirred quite a bit of commotion last week when it made a tweet from its official Twitter account indicating that it would be making some sort of comeback after having all of assets acquired by NVIDIA two decades ago. While some of the more pessimistic enthusiasts are convinced that this is just a bad joke that will result in no real payoff, 3dfx Interactive shared a new message today confirming that the team will be discussing new hardware. The team will also be explaining what it’ll be doing over the next 12 months. 3dfx Interactive’s announcement is set for this Thursday, August 5.

20 years later, the wait is finally over. Our team will discuss new hardware, goals for the next twelve months, and many exciting announcements this Thursday! #3dfx

Source: 3dfx Interactive

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