Intel Rumored to Beat AMD and Apple with 3-Nanometer “Lunar Lake” Processors in 2024

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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has been confident about his company reclaiming the processor crown from competitors such as AMD within four years.

According to a rumored roadmap leaked by a user named mooreslawisnotdead (not to be confused with YouTube leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead, although some of his previous rumors are reportedly echoed here), Intel will finally accomplish this in 2024 with a new generation of processors code named Lunar Lake.

These CPUs will purportedly be manufactured on TSMC’s 3-nanometer process and feature a combination of Lion Cove and Skymont cores, which are said to provide a big performance jump that puts the chips ahead of AMD and Apple’s options in regard to both performance and power efficiency.

The alleged roadmap also claims that Lunar Lake will be succeeded by a particularly exciting generation of processors called Nova Lake. These CPUs will supposedly boast an incredible 50 percent improvement thanks to a brand-new, cutting-edge architecture—the biggest since Intel Core in Q1 2006.

  • Alder Lake (Golden Cove/Gracemont) Q4’21 / Q1’22 – predicted to be competitively weak vs AMD/Apple offerings that time.
  • Raptor Lake (Raptor Cove / Gracemont) Q3’22 / Q4’22 – 10% CPU perf boost and 8/16 configuration puts intel back on par but expect AMD/Apple to refresh their products as well.
  • Meteor Lake (Redwood Cove / Crestmont) Q2’23 – Intel’s first true chiplet or tile based design. Different dies built on TSMC / Intel processes. More of a node shrink with single digit performance improvements. AMD will again extend lead with Zen 4+ / 5.
  • Arrow Lake (Lion Cove / Skymont) Q4’23 – Will feature an updated compute tile with 8/32 config for the high end enthusiast products. Might achieve parity with AMD offerings at the time but loses out to Apple in power efficiency.
  • Lunar Lake (Lion Cove / Skymont) Q4’24 – This is the product that will use TSMC 3nm as reported by Nikkei. Big performance jump expected and designed to achieve parity or beat AMD and Apple in both performance and power efficiency.
  • Nova Lake (Panther Cove [tentative]/ Darkmont) 2025 – This will mark the biggest architectural change in cpu architecture since the Core architecture is introduced in 2006. Intel is working to build an entirely new architecture from the ground up much like Ryzen with up to 50% cpu performance improvement from lunar lake. This is also the reason why Glenn Hinton returned.
Image: Intel

Recently, someone on reddit by the username of mooreslawisnotdead posted an Intel roadmap all the way through 2025. This roadmap contains some products/code names that haven’t been mentioned here before. The roadmap could be completely genuine or a total work of fan fiction. I guess that’s for you to decide. The user has since deleted his account, but not before I copied this information.

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