ASUS Planning GeForce RTX 3070 Graphics Card with Noctua Cooler

Image: Shockwave98-

ASUS is planning a new GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card that will leverage cooling technologies developed by one of the world’s most popular CPU cooler and computer fan manufacturers, Noctua. This has seemingly been confirmed by a recent filing spotted on the Eurasian Economic Commission website by leaker KOMACHI_ENSAKA, which lists a model called the “RTX3070-8G-NOCTUA.” Further solidifying the partnership is an exclusive report from that suggests the ASUS x Noctua GeForce RTX 3070 will be a premium ROG STRIX model that will feature some sort of Noctua cooling solution. While it’s unclear what color scheme ASUS might go with, users on the r/Noctua and r/pcmasterrace subreddits have shared photos and renders in the past demonstrating what a graphics card with Noctua’s signature (and seemingly polarizing) beige and brown aesthetics might look like.

Image: RS-kuuskyt

Only a few chosen people, who are said to have seen the prototype of the cooler, which allegedly already exists, also know what the heatsink of this cooler will look like. However, due to the 25 mm fan thickness, the card can be expected to grow vertically and block perhaps four even PCI Express slots.

Sources:, EEC (via KOMACHI_ENSAKA)

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