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The Embracer Group, a Swedish video game holding company that already oversees the likes of THQ Nordic, Saber Interactive, and Gearbox Entertainment, announced today that it is now the proud owner of seven more great studios. These new acquisitions comprise Slipgate Ironworks, Digixart, Force Field, Easy Trigger, Ghost Ship Games, CrazyLabs, and, perhaps most notably, 3D Realms. The latter should be immediately recognizable to anyone who grew up playing shooter titles leveraging a shareware model in the nineties, as it is the company behind the classic Duke Nukem games and other iconic titles such as Shadow Warrior. The Embracer Group has also acquired an eighth company called Grimfrost, a leader of high-quality Viking merchandise.

Image: Embracer Group

The history tracks back to 1987 in Texas, USA, where the company was originally founded as Apogee Software, focused on developing PC games. The studio rebranded in 1994 to 3D Realms and has been involved in the development of +40 games including the creation of the legendary Duke Nukem franchise. In 2014, the Danish company SDN Invest acquired 3D Realms and since then 3D Realms has been led by CEO Mike Nielsen and VP Frederik Schreiber, currently engaging a team of 7 employees and a few additional contractors.

Source: Embracer Group

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  1. They got 3drealms for free with the others or what? They don’t have the rights to duke nukem anymore and employ only half a dozen staff and haven’t made a game in over a decade?

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