Marvel XCOM: Firaxis’ Rumored Game Will Reportedly Let Players Make Their Own Superheroes, Include Supernatural Characters Like Blade

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Firaxis, the studio that’s best known for developing science-fiction strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its various spin-offs and sequels, is reportedly working on a similar game that will leverage the Marvel brand and some of its most popular superheroes in place of alien invasions.

GamesBeat editor Jeff Grubb talked a little bit about the rumored game during the latest episode of his Giant Bomb live stream. According to Grubb, one of the perks in Firaxis’ new Marvel title will be the ability to customize a team of superheroes. This should be a familiar process for anyone who has played the developer’s modern XCOM titles.

More interestingly, Grubb goes on to suggest that Firaxis’ new Marvel game will distance itself from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and use characters that haven’t been seen in Marvel Studios’ popular films yet. These could include the Dhampir and vampire hunter Blade, as the game will supposedly “focus on the supernatural elements of the Marvel universe.”

Take-Two Interactive confirmed during its recent earnings call that subsidiary 2K would be announcing a new franchise later this month. That franchise could be Firaxis’ new Marvel title.

“The game is going to focus on the supernatural elements of the Marvel universe,” he said. “I don’t know if that necessarily means like Blade, but I do think there will be vampires in it, and I don’t know if it means mystical Marvel [characters]… but I think you might see enemies of that type that you’re fighting.”

Source: Jeff Grubb (via VGC)

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