Mac Mini M1X Leaks with Much Thinner Design

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Image: Front Page Tech

Apple launched its new Mac mini with M1 chip in November 2020. While that model looked a lot like its predecessors, new renders based on leaked schematics suggest that the next iteration of the Mac mini will look quite a bit sexier.

As suggested by images shared by Front Page Tech’s John Prosser, Apple’s next Mac mini will feature a much thinner design than any model before it, seemingly taking up less than half the height of the current model.

Prosser’s renders also clearly show the new Mac mini’s connectivity options, which include 4x Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports (four more than the current model), 2x USB-A ports, 1x HDMI port, and 1x Ethernet. Unfortunately, Apple has not brought back the SD card slot contrary to recent rumors.

Apple’s new Mac mini will be powered by an updated version of its in-house SoC called the M1X. The computer is expected to release in late 2021 or early 2022.

Sources: Front Page Tech, Leaks Apple Pro

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