Alphacool Releases Eisstation DC80 AIO Power Unit

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Image: Alphacool

Alphacool has released the Eisstation DC80 AIO power unit. It can be used as a filling aid or a potential booster for more pump performance. The integrated 2600 rpm DC-LT 2 pump has a maximum flow of 75 l/h and uses a 3-pin fan connector for power. It has a pressure test rating of 1.5 bar and is compatible with all Alphacool AIO solutions. Users can refill their connected AIO systems through a G1 screw plug that is located on the unit. The unit comes prefilled and is available for €64.99 (around $76.25) before VAT and shipping fees.

The ice station DC80 Power Unit consists of the ice station DC80, an expansion tank with an integrated pump top and a DC-LT 2 pump. Connected to this are two TPV hoses at each end of which a male or female quick-release fastener is attached. These quick-release fasteners are compatible with all Alphacool AIO systems for graphics cards and processors.

Source: Alphacool (via TechPowerUp)

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