Steam’s Halloween, Autumn, and Winter Sales Dates Have Leaked

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The dates for three of Steam’s upcoming sales have leaked courtesy of Steam Database.

According to the website, this year’s Halloween Sale will begin on October 28 (Thursday, 75 days from now) and end on November 1. The Halloween Sale will be followed by the Autumn Sale, which begins on November 24 (Wednesday, 102 days from now) and ends on November 30.

Steam’s final sales event for the year, the Winter Sale, will begin on December 22 (Wednesday, 130 days from now). The Winter Sale will last until the new year on January 5, 2022.

Steam’s last major sale was the Summer Sale, which ran from June 24 to July 8. It featured a text-based mini-game that allowed customers to select from two possible actions in fourteen “Forge Your Fate” stories for animated sticker and badge rewards.

Steam will presumably do something similar for each of its upcoming sales to make the shopping experience more interesting for critics, many of whom claim that Steam’s sales are never good anymore.

Image: SteamDB

[…] until Valve publicly announces the sale themselves we mark them as unconfirmed.

Major sale events are announced to all Steam partners, and they leak very quickly, which we can independently verify. However to keep the messaging consistent, these are marked as still unconfirmed.

Unlike other sites and news portals, we do not put guessed dates in our upcoming sale dates.

Source: SteamDB

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