TEAMGROUP Launches T-FORCE CARDEA A440 Pro M.2 SSD for PS5 Storage Expansion with Industry’s First-Ever White Graphene Heat Sink

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TEAMGROUP is the latest manufacturer to capitalize on Sony’s recent decision of finally unlocking the PlayStation 5’s M.2 expansion slot via a beta software update.

Announced by the manufacturer today, TEAMGROUP’s T-FORCE CARDEA A440 Pro Special Series M.2 SSD is a PCIe 4.0 SSD that was designed specifically for PS5 users who wish to increase the storage capabilities of their next-gen console with a speedy solution.

The T-FORCE CARDEA A440 Pro Special Series M.2 SSD features read and write speeds of up to 7,400 and 7,000 MB/s, respectively. TEAMGROUP’s new SSD also comes in storage capacities of up to 8 TB, which should be enough to meet the demands of gamers who plan to store an extensive collection of digital PS5 titles.

TEAMGROUP’s T-FORCE CARDEA A440 Pro Special Series M.2 SSD does come with an all-white graphene heat sink that matches PS5’s aesthetics and delivers “an exquisite visual and gaming experience.” According to the manufacturer, this is the industry’s first-ever white graphene heat sink.

TEAMGROUP’s T-FORCE CARDEA A440 Pro Special Series M.2 SSDs will be available to purchase on major e-commerce platforms beginning in October this year.


The unique graphene heat sink technology (Taiwan Patent No.: I703921 & China Patent No.: CN 211019739 U) is an innovative patent technology researched and developed by TEAMGROUP that integrates products of different characteristics and was recently awarded a U.S. Invention Patent (US Patent No.: US 11,051,392 B2).


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