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Saying that Disney+ is a success is becoming more and more of an understatement.

As revealed in the media conglomerate’s results for its fiscal third quarter, Disney’s subscription service has managed to reach a relatively staggering 116 million subscribers. That happens to be twice the amount of subscribers that Disney+ boasted about just a year ago, at a time when it “only” had around 57.7 subscribers.

The goal is especially notable in that Disney+ launched on November 12, 2019. Disney’s streaming service is still very young, having only existed for around a year and a half.

Analysts are also a bit surprised by the performance of Disney+, as the streaming service’s latest milestone exceeded their original estimates by around one million new subscribers. (They were expecting 115.2 million, to be exact.)

A huge portion of Disney+’s success is likely owed to recent shows that have leveraged some of the company’s biggest properties. This includes Star Wars’ The Mandalorian, which will be back in a new season next year, as well as Marvel Studios’ small-screen spin-offs such as Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Disney+ subscribers have also had the option of seeing Mulan, Black Widow, and other select films without having to make a trip to the theaters on day one as part of its Premier Access program. Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings won’t be a part of this, however, due to a different distribution deal.

While it is smaller, ESPN+ added to the overall streaming momentum, rising 75% from a year earlier to 14.9 million subscribers. Hulu, including its on-demand and live TV offerings, increased 21% to 42.8 million total subscribers.

Source: Disney (via Deadline)

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  1. Well if you add up all the Verizon users, all the people that got the Amazon free trial, all the people who got the Kellogg’s free trial, all the other free trials and subs I don’t know about, and the 10M or so people who actually paid for it – that sounds about right.

  2. We got it at launch with the Hulu/ESPN combo. I don’t know if ESPN has upgraded at all but that side of it has been pretty useless. Would love to watch football in 4k but last time I checked it didn’t have it.

    Otherwise, we’ve been pretty happy. The fact they keep coming up with new content we like has kept it in use. Hulu is a mixed bag but we’ve been enjoying watching Letter Kenny recently.

  3. I wonder what percentage of them got it free packaged with something else :p

    We did, but never used it.

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