NVIDIA’s GTC 2021 Keynote Featured an Entirely Virtual Kitchen and Jensen Huang

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NVIDIA premiered its GTC 2021 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang on April 12, 2021. Months later, NVIDIA has revealed that a great portion of the nearly two-hour presentation was created virtually with the cutting-edge capabilities of NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform.

That would include Jensen himself and his now-iconic and expensive-looking kitchen. As noted in a recent blog post elaborating on how Omniverse helps industries collaborate, NVIDIA confirmed that the Jensen present in the GTC 2021 Keynote is a digital clone. His intricate kitchen is also a “perfect virtual replica” of its real-life counterpart.

The digital clone of Jensen was enabled with the magic of NVIDIA’s deep learning technologies and an extensive process involving full face scans and body scans to create a 3D model. Jensen’s virtual clone was then brought to life with the help of an AI that apparently did an excellent job of mimicking his gestures and expressions.

While it would have probably been easier to just get Jensen to stand in his kitchen, NVIDIA’s virtual GTC 2021 serves as a clever example of what the company is capable of these days with its platforms such as NVIDIA Omniverse. NVIDIA Omniverse is a multi-GPU real-time simulation and collaboration platform for 3D production pipelines.


Digital Jensen was […] brought into a replica of his kitchen that was deconstructed to reveal the holodeck within Omniverse, surprising the audience and making them question how much of the keynote was real, or rendered.

Source: NVIDIA

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