DarkFlash Announces Blade-X Open Frame Luxury Gaming Case

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Image: darkFlash

DarkFlash has announced an open gaming case called the Blade-X for PC enthusiasts seeking something more unique. Featuring a “non-directional structure,” its design gives builders a wider range of options. It can house up to 420 mm AIOs, a reservoir tank, two 2.5-inch drives, and additional drive bays in the system tray. The tray features ARGB strips and is compatible with ATX, M-ATX, or ITX motherboards. It is on sale for $349 but currently sold out.


Non-directional structure is adopted in Blade-X to make it an artwork in every direction or at any angle.


Blade-X is characterized by open frame design and beyond mainstream. Simple but unique structure can manifest the RGB lighting system and cooling system in a perfect and impressive way even without modification on that.


Cable management is a constant concern for consumers in selecting chassis while Blade-X has enough space to manage cables as a best solution for end users seeking for simplicity.


Solid hardware is employed in Blade-X with 1.5mm SECC and 4mm aluminum alloy bracket. Blade-X can bear 20kg weight due to the high-strength aluminum alloy handle of 27mm solid aluminum alloy cutting.


The 420mm water cooling is supported in the chassis. It is friendly for gamers to mount A.I.O. cooling or water tank with great creativity instead of worrying about limited space to do modification.

Source: DarkFlash (via Kitguru)

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