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Noctua is continuing its tradition of providing free mounting kit upgrades, allowing PC owners to use their coolers for newer platforms (assuming they are suitable for the newer CPUs’ TDP). Owners of the NM-i17xx-MP78 or MP83, including Chromax versions, can submit proofs of purchase to receive new kits for the LGA1700 Alder Lake-S socket. Noctua is working on other kits as well, but due to compatibility restrictions, it is unable to offer kits for the NH-L9i. An updated model is expected to be available in October.

“We have offered free-of-charge mounting upgrade kits to our customers ever since AMD introduced AM2 in 2006, and we’re proudly continuing this tradition with Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake-S processors and the LGA1700 socket”, says Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “Customers will be able to upgrade most Noctua CPU coolers since 2005 at no additional cost, so even 15-year-old coolers can be used on the latest processors!”

Source: Noctua (via PC Gamer)

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  1. Brilliant of Noctua to offer this, I just got confirmation for delivery of the AM4 kit for my NH-L9i.
    I didn´t have proof of purchase so they accepted a photo of the hardware.

  2. Note: NM-i17xx-MP78 or MP8, are the mounting kits themselves, so nobody is as owner of those as of yet. The free offer is for all coolers except for the aforementioned NH-L9i

  3. May get one for the heck of it for my DS15 even though I haven’t used it for a while, but you never know.

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