13th Gen “Raptor Lake-S” Intel Core Processor Lineup with Up to 24 Cores Reportedly Leaked

Image: Intel

The entire lineup of Intel’s upcoming “Raptor Lake-S” desktop processors has reportedly leaked courtesy of AdoredTV. For those who are tired of code names, these are the 13th Gen Core processors that will succeed the 12th Gen “Alder Lake-S” series.

According to the slides seen in AdoredTV’s video, Intel’s Raptor Lake-S family will mix big cores with small cores like its Alder Lake predecessors but double the count of the latter in select SKUs. This can be observed in the top mainstream Core i9 chip, which features a mixture of 8 big cores and 16 small cores (8C+16c), culminating in a 24-core processor with an iGPU leveraging 32 Execution Units.

The chart shared by AdoredTV also shows 16C (8C+8c), 14C (6C+8c), and 10C (6C+4c) configurations spread among the traditional Core i7 and Core i5 tiers. Intel’s 13th Gen Core i3 and Pentium products will only feature 4 or 2 cores.

As for clock speeds, Adored TV claims that 13th Gen Intel Core “Raptor Lake-S” desktop processors will be able to reach turbo frequencies of up to 5.5 GHz. The flagship parts are alluded to boast “undisputed” single-thread performance.

Image: AdoredTV

Source: AdoredTV

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