Google Pixel 6 Won’t Ship with a Charger, Pixel 5a Will Be the Last Pixel to Include One

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Image: Google

Google is releasing new flagship Pixel smartphones this year with exciting improvements that range from an updated camera system to a brand-new, in-house SoC called the Google Tensor, but there’s one thing that users won’t find when they open the box.

As reported by The Verge, Google has decided that it won’t be shipping its Pixel 6 smartphones with a charger. Future Pixel smartphones won’t ship with one either; the last Pixel to include a charging brick will be this year’s cheaper Pixel option, the Pixel 5a.

Google justified the decision by explaining that most people already own a USB-C charger, so there’s no real reason to include one with its Pixel smartphones going forward. The charger is also being dropped presumably for environmental reasons, as a good bulk of them might just end up adding to the world’s e-waste.

Google’s decision in ditching the charger follows on the heels of other major manufacturers that have done something similar. Those would include Apple and Samsung, both of which no longer offer in-box chargers.

Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones will be released this fall.

Image: Google

There’s […] an environmental argument for ditching the charger: fewer redundant chargers being shipped to customers theoretically reduces e-waste. That’s tough to prove, though, and potentially just means that the greenhouse gas emissions of producing and shipping accessory chargers will be spread around between more companies as people buy them from third-party manufacturers.

Source: The Verge

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