Windows 11 ISO Now Available to Windows Insiders for Clean Installation

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Image: Microsoft

Windows users have had the opportunity to test drive Windows 11 for weeks now thanks to various preview builds that have been available since the operating system’s announcement in June. The process has become more interesting for Windows fans who would prefer to start fresh rather than upgrade from Windows 10, however.

Microsoft announced yesterday that Windows 11 ISOs are now available to users who wish to try its latest insider preview build, version 22000.160. The ISOs allow Windows users to not only do an in-place upgrade but clean installation of the new operating system, which should be relevant for those who are interested in seeing what the Windows 11 setup process looks like on a brand-new system.

“As you use these ISOs to install Windows 11, you will go through the new Windows 11 setup experience (often referred to as the “out of box experience” or OOBE for short) which is designed to build excitement for Windows 11 right from the moment you turn on a new Windows 11 PC for the very first time,” Microsoft wrote.

“Based on your feedback, we have added the ability to name your PC during the setup experience too. After running through the setup experience, the Get Started app is a new first run experience app that will help you quickly get setup on a new PC. Try these things out and let us know what you think!”

Windows users who haven’t signed up for Microsoft’s Windows Insider program yet can easily do so by visiting the Windows Insider Program section under Settings > Update & Security or heading to Microsoft’s Windows Insider site for registration.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.160 contains various changes and fixes that include a new clock app for the operating system, the ability to see estimates for how long a restart might take after an update in select areas of the OS (e.g., power menu under Start), and the Taskbar no longer showing the “location in use” icon when it’s not supposed to. A list of known issues can be found in the source link below.

Image: Microsoft

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are in the Dev Channel, now would be the right time to consider switching to the Beta Channel if you want to stay on more stabilized builds of Windows 11. For those of you who are new to the Windows Insider Program and flighting of OS updates – check out this article for how flighting works. (We use the term “flighting” for the activity of releasing new OS updates to Insiders.)

Source: Microsoft

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