DuckStation Lets Xbox Series X|S Owners Play Classic PlayStation Games at 4K

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Image: Modern Vintage Gamer

Despite having a curious name, the DuckStation is a new PlayStation emulator that has managed to attract many users since its introduction late last year thanks to its speed and compatibility, even on lower-end devices. A port of the emulator that was recently released for Microsoft’s next-gen consoles has drawn even more eyeballs to the project.

As demonstrated in a new video from Modern Vintage Gamer, DuckStation is now available to use on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. Naturally, it allows Xbox owners to enjoy games that were normally reserved for Sony systems, but what’s really ironic is how much better the games look running on Microsoft’s hardware thanks to DuckStation’s emulation options.

These include the ability to run PlayStation games at up to 4K resolution, as well as 60 frames per second for select titles—far above the original, ancient specifications intended by their developers. While such options might open up the possibility of graphical glitches and other oddities, DuckStation seems to pull off modern resolutions and higher frame rates extremely well.

This can seen in Modern Vintage Gamer’s video, which shows classic games such as Gran Turismo, Tekken 2, and Metal Gear Solid running well and looking better than ever. Available as a UWP app via GitHub, DuckStation can be installed on Xbox Series X|S consoles after enabling developer mode.

DuckStation is a new PlayStation 1 emulator that focuses on speed, accuracy and maintainability – and it runs on the Xbox Series S|X thanks to a UWP build and Direct X12 support. In this episode we take a look at DuckStation on the Xbox Series S running under developer mode and explain why its the most impressive PlayStation 1 emulator to date.

Source: GitHub (via Modern Vintage Gamer)

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