Programmer Makes Tool That Makes It Easier to Upgrade a Game’s DLSS Version

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It’s possible to upgrade a game’s DLSS version by manually updating DLL files. Programmer Brad Moore has a new tool that will allow people to do that with a few clicks instead of having to find the file folders for each game and keeping track of DLSS updates. It works with Steam games, and the source code is available at GitHub. There isn’t an executable yet, so those wanting to use it right now must compile it on their own.

What is this?
Tool for downloading, managing, and swapping out DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) dlls in games on your computer.

But why?
DLSS gets updates from nVidia, but often studios are not updating DLSS within their own games. See this video from Digital Foundry as to why you may want to manually update DLSS yourself.

What games are supported?
Any Steam game that suppoorts DLSS should work.

Source: GitHub (via PC Gamer)

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