EVGA Shares First Image of X570 DARK Motherboard for AMD Ryzen Processors

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Image: EVGA

EVGA has finally shared an image of its first AMD motherboard, the X570 DARK.

Enthusiasts who don’t like the appearance of EVGA’s recently released Z590 DARK motherboard are sure to be disappointed, as the X570 looks almost exactly the same. Both motherboards feature a nearly all-black design, which isn’t a shocker considering the branding, alongside other obvious similarities such as the M.2 cover and I/O area.

EVGA’s Vince Lucido, who shared the image on his Facebook feed, has called the X570 DARK motherboard a “monster” for overclockers. The implication is that it should be an excellent choice for users who are looking to push their Ryzen processors to the limit.

There is no availability or pricing information for EVGA’s X570 DARK motherboard yet, but its Intel counterpart, the Z590 DARK, debuted over the summer for $599. The X570 DARK will presumably carry a similar premium.

Source: Vince Lucido

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