Fortnite Adds Will Smith’s Bad Boys Character, Mike Lowrey

Image: Epic Games

From the Master Chief to John Wick and Ellen Ripley, Fortnite has had its fair share of unexpected and amusing crossovers. That tradition continued this weekend with the addition of another surprising guest for Epic Games’ popular battle royale title: Mike Lowrey, Will Smith’s cop character from the action-fueled series of Bad Boys films.

Available now in the Fortnite item shop, the Mike Lowrey Outfit includes an item called the Detective’s Duffle Back Bling, a duffle bag coupled with an assault rifle and handcuffs, as well as a set of knives called the Loose Cannon Cutters.

It isn’t clear what prompted Epic Games to add Will Smith to Fortnite, but Bad Boys is still remembered as one of the greatest action/comedy films from the 1990s. The movie is notable for jump-starting the Hollywood career of director Michael Bay, who would go on to direct other exciting blockbusters such as The Rock and various Transformers movies.

The Bad Boys franchise made its long-awaited return last year with the release of its third installment, Bad Boys for Life. It brought back Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in their respective roles as Miami detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, who must face off against a mother-and-son pair who has surprising ties to Smith’s character.

Mike Lowrey is one cool customer. Whether he’s involved in explosive action or a high-speed chase, he’s always undeniably smooth. And now, the South Beach detective is heading to Fortnite. Available in the Item Shop now, the Mike Lowrey Outfit includes the Detective’s Duffle Back Bling. Rounding out the Loose Cannon Set, equip Mike’s dual-wielding pickaxe, the Loose Cannon Cutters.

Source: Epic Games

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