Report: Alan Wake Remastered Runs on Control’s Northlight Engine, Supports Ray Tracing

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Image: Remedy Entertainment

A Taiwanese retailer revealed last week that a remastered version of Remedy Entertainment’s cult-classic thriller, Alan Wake, would be released for PS4, PS5, and Xbox consoles on October 5.

The retailer didn’t provide much insight on what kind of graphical improvements Alan Wake fans can expect from the new remaster, but sources with Nintendo Pal claim to know quite a bit about the game.

Alan Wake Remastered has reportedly been developed using the Northlight Engine. This is the same engine that Remedy Entertainment used for its most recent supernatural action-adventure hit, Control.

Nintendo Pal’s sources also claim that the PC and next-gen console versions of Alan Wake Remastered will include support for ray tracing. This will come in the form of ray-traced reflections.

The last-gen versions of the game won’t feature ray tracing, but they will benefit from higher resolution and quality-of-life changes. All versions of the games will also presumably support 60 FPS.

Games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad claims that Alan Wake Remastered will be announced this week.

There is no Nintendo Switch version. While we haven’t heard from our source about it, maybe a Cloud version can happen like Control.

Source: Nintendo Pal

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