Fox in “Active Creative Discussions” to Bring Back 24

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Jack Bauer was last seen in 24’s ninth and final season being escorted into a Russian helicopter for what was presumably weeks, months, and even years of torture. It was an awful end for a heroic character that saved the US from attack many times, but the creators of the show might have another opportunity to make things right and give Bauer a happier ending.

Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn has told Deadline that there is “potential” that the show will return in some form, although it’s unclear whether it’ll be another spin-off or a legitimate continuation that brings Kiefer Sutherland back in the lead role of Jack Bauer.

Fox released a spin-off called 24: Legacy in 2017 that centered on a military hero named Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins). While the series retained the show’s real-time format, ex-CTU agent and fan-favorite Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) was the only character from the original that returned.

“There’s still a possibility, there’s still some discussions with the producers on a take that we have yet to hear,” Thorn said. “There [are] some active creative discussions that are happening.”

Thorn’s comments echo recent words from 24 executive producer Howard Gordon, who told Deadline in a recent interview that a new take on the series is “always percolating.” Gordon said that he loves the character but cautioned “it’s not official, sort of, until I think all the pieces come’ together.”

The first episode of 24 premiered on November 6, 2001. 24 ended up becoming such a huge hit that Fox gave the series a nine-season run, as well as a feature-length film called 24: Redemption that served as a prequel to the seventh season, taking Bauer to the fictional African country of Sangala.

Source: Deadline

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