GOG Adds Six Classic Star Trek Games to Celebrate Star Trek Day

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Today is Star Trek day, and GOG is celebrating the occasion with the addition of six classic Star Trek games to its growing catalog of DRM-free titles. The Star Trek games that have been added today comprise Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force, Star Trek: Elite Force II, Star Trek: Hidden Evil, Star Trek: Away Team, Star Trek: Starfleet Command III, and Star Trek: Bridge Commander.

Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force

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In Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force you become a security officer on board of USS Voyager, assigned to a new special unit called the Hazard Team. Together with AI-controlled crewmates, you take on the most dangerous missions, including fighting the Borg. Between the missions, you can explore the ship and interact with the well-known bridge crew with all the actors reprising their roles.

Star Trek: Elite Force II

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Star Trek: Elite Force II takes the first-person shooter experience to the next level with improved visuals (it’s one of the best-looking games using the Quake III Arena engine), and a set of new missions to complete. This time, your character is being transferred to serve on Enterprise-E where you receive your orders from Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself!

Star Trek: Hidden Evil

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Star Trek: Hidden Evil also gives you a chance to assist Captain Picard and Lt. Cmdr. Data with both Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner reprising their roles. In this third-person adventure game, you take the role of Ensign Sovok and explore alien ruins and try to save your team before the conniving Romulans make use of an ancient biological weapon.

Star Trek: Away Team

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Star Trek: Away Team is an isometric turn-based tactical game influenced by titles like Commandos and the X-Com series. You need to pick the best away team for each mission and lead its members through dangerous covert operations across locations like the Klingon homeworld, a Borg cube, and Starfleet Academy.

Star Trek: Starfleet Command III

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Star Trek: Starfleet Command III gives you a tactical challenge of a completely different scale. In this game, you play the story campaign as a Klingon, Romulan, or Federation captain. Your task is to customize your starship and lead it into space battles while uncovering a plot around the construction of the first Klingon-Federation space station.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander

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Finally, Star Trek: Bridge Commander is probably the most immersive Star Trek gaming experience as it sits you in an actual captain’s chair, surrounded by a crew waiting for your orders. Combat is not the main focus of this title as you spend a lot of time talking to your crew, managing the ship, exploring space, assisting endangered colonies, and conducting diplomatic negotiations.

GOG will also be adding Star Trek: Armada and Star Trek: Armada II to its catalog soon. These are real-time strategy titles that were originally released in 2000 and 2001, respectively. Players can take control of popular factions such as the Klingon Empire and Borg.

Source: GOG

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