Microsoft Reportedly Planning Xbox Series S Refresh for 2022 to Battle PlayStation 5 Slim

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Image: Microsoft

YouTuber and hardware leaker Moore’s Law Is Dead shared a video yesterday that included some speculation about Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro console, but he also had some information on what the competition is purportedly up to.

According to Moore’s, Microsoft will be releasing a new version of its lower-tiered next-gen Xbox console, the Xbox Series S, by late 2022. The reason for this likely has to do with Sony releasing a slimmer model of the PS5 in that time frame; Sony has traditionally released smaller versions of its PlayStation consoles since the PS1 era.

Unlike the PS5 Slim, which will presumably only see an upgrade in aesthetics and reduced footprint, Microsoft’s new Xbox Series S console will supposedly feature higher specifications. The Xbox Series S revision is speculated to use a faster Zen-based APU from AMD that’s built on TSMC’s 6-nanometer process. Moore’s seems to think that the new console could be up to 50 percent more powerful than the current Xbox Series S.

Microsoft is reportedly aiming to price the revised Xbox Series S at no greater than $350, which could make it $50 more than the current console. The current Xbox Series S is also expected to be reduced in price to $189 to $249.

Image: Moore’s Law Is Dead

Source: Moore’s Law Is Dead

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