Lian Li Launches O11 Air Mini PC Case with Modular Design and Extreme Airflow

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Image: Lian Li

Lian Li has launched the O11 Air Mini, a new PC case with a small footprint and modular design for ATX, M-ATX or ITX motherboards.

Some of the O11 Air Mini’s key features include airflow-focused front, top, and side mesh panels that are complemented by two 140 mm PWM front fans and one 120 mm rear PWM fan, a modular back panel that enables compatibility with ATX, M-ATX, or ITX motherboards, and the ability to fit up to ten 120 mm fans with support for up to 280 mm AIOs and CPU tower coolers of up to 170 mm tall. ATX PSUs are also supported in the O11 Air Mini despite its smaller size.

The O11 AIR MINI will be available at an MSRP of $109.99 (USA)/$99.99 (global) for the black version and $119.99 (USA)/$109.99 (global) for the white version. An optional vertical GPU back panel will also be available for better display of graphics cards.


DIMENSION(D) 400 X (W) 288 X (H) 384 mm
MATERIAL4mm Aluminum Panel
0.8mm Mesh Panel
4.0 mm Tempered Glass
MOTHERBOARD SUPPORTE-ATX (Max 280 mm wide)/ ATX/ Micro-ATX/ Mini-ITX
PSU SUPPORTATX (Max. 200 mm)
INCLUDED FAN(Front) 2 X 140mm PWM Fan
(Rear) 1 X 120mm PWM Fan
FAN SUPPORT(Top) 120mm X3 / 140mm X2
(Side) 120mm X2
(Bottom) 120mm X2/ 140mm X2
(Front) 120mm X2/ 140mm X2
(Rear)120 mm X1
RADIATOR SUPPORT(Top) 240mm or 280mm
(Side) 240mm
(Bottom) 240mm or 280mm
(Front) 240mm or 280mm
DRIVE SUPPORT6 X 2.5” SSD or 2 X 2.5” SSD + 4 X 3.5” HDD
EXPANSION SLOTS7 or 5 (depends on the back panel)
1 X USB 3.1 Type-c
1 X HD Audio
DUST FILTER1 × removable bottom dust tray

Original Press Release

LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, announces the O11 AIR MINI, available in black and white. The new small tower case features an airflow focus design with dense mesh front, top and side panels, 3 pre-installed PWM fans, support for a wide array of fans and radiators configurations, and enough clearance for CPU tower coolers up to 170mm tall. The O11 AIR MINI can support ATX power supplies, and thanks to its modular back panel, motherboards from Mini-ITX up to E-ATX.

Airflow Focused

With a combination of front, top, and right-side dense mesh panels, support for up to ten 120mm fans, and filtered opening at the bottom, the O11 AIR MINI offers unrestricted ventilation. The two pre-installed 140mm PWM fans at the front and a 120mm PWM fan at the rear ensures a good foundation for thermal management.

Small Yet High-Performance

Similar in size to the O11D MINI, the O11 AIR MINI can support ATX power supplies of up to 200mm in length, enabling power-hungry systems without limitations. A modular back panel, which can be reconfigured from a 7-expansion slot setup for ATX motherboards to a 5-slot configuration for M-ATX and ITX motherboards, allows the O11 AIR MINI to install graphics cards up to 362mm in length and high-performance CPU cooling towers up to 170mm in height.

Flexible Cooling Configurations

Depending on the back panel configurations and motherboard installed, the O11 AIR MINI features four mounting locations for 240 radiators, with three capable to support 280 radiators, support for up to ten 120mm fans, or six 140mm fans and four 120mm, ensuring enough cooling for even the most demanding hardware.

Source: Lian Li

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