Alan Wake Remastered Ditches Energizer Batteries, Verizon Billboards, and Other Product Replacement

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Image: Remedy Entertainment

One of the amusing things about running around the small fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington in Remedy Entertainment’s creepy action-adventure title, Alan Wake, was all of the product placement spread around the game. They included Energizer batteries, which were all over the place due to Wake’s reliance on a flashlight for battling his shadowy foes, the Taken, as well as other things like Verizon billboards.

Fortunately for those who hate advertising and/or being sucked back into the real world, the newly announced remaster of Alan Wake has ditched all of the product placement that was present in the original. This has been confirmed by Remedy’s PR department, which told ScreenRant that all such material has been removed or modified.

A PR rep for Alan Wake Remastered confirmed to Screen Rant that the upcoming game will not bring back any of the brands seen in the old game. All of the brand deals with Verizon, Energizer, Ford, Lincoln, and other brands have expired and will instead be replaced with generic in-universe branding, but songs and TV shows from the original game will make a return. With an Alan Wake sequel reportedly in production, it’s unclear if Remedy will make any effort to bring back or add new product placements.

Announced last week by Remedy’s creative director and star writer Sam Lake, Alan Wake Remastered will be released for the PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation, and Xbox platforms on October 5, 2021. Despite the loss of product placement, the revised edition will retain all of the licensed music from the original game (e.g., Poets of the Fall’s “War” and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”).

Source: ScreenRant

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