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IGN has revealed that a new Wipeout game is in development by Rogue Games. This would normally be exciting news in that the popular futuristic anti-gravity racing series hasn’t received a new installment since 2017’s Wipeout Omega Collection, but there’s a huge catch.

Wipeout Rush, as the new installment is called, will only be available to play on iOS and Android devices when it launches in early 2022. While the trailer confirms that Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe is involved to some extent, Wipeout Rush, oddly enough, won’t be releasing on PlayStation consoles.

As indicated in the trailer, Wipeout Rush players can expect a new cel-shaded look rather than the type of traditional graphics seen in the older games. The trailer also reveals that the game will feature “unique card-based racing,” although it’s unclear how that works—there doesn’t seem to be any footage of that gameplay system in action.

wipEout Rush takes the classic anti-gravity racing experience first launched in 1995 for the original PlayStation and turns the series on its head, thrusting players into the role of the team manager where winning is determined by decisions rather than reflexes. Players are in charge of selecting the right ships, as well as ensuring they are properly upgraded and equipped to win each race. Crafted for the best mobile experience, wipEout Rush incorporates fluid merge gameplay for the first time, allowing players to merge anti-gravity ships to unlock new, more capable vehicles. As players move up in the league, they earn currency to unlock new challenges, weapons, and upgrades.

Rumor has it that Sony will be unveiling a legitimate Wipeout game in the near future for PlayStation 5 consoles. It will supposedly be compatible with Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset, the PS VR 2.

Sources: IGN, Rogue Games

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  1. I still play Omega edition every now and then, but I’m stuck at certain levels I cannot pass which sucks.

    I would like a new one, but not this Borderlands cel shading style.

  2. Nice kick to the nuts guys. I wanted a new main Wipeout game for PS5 (and hopefully PC), not this mobile crap. And yeah, I’m not feeling the cel-shading either. Wipeout HD+Fury and Omega Collection spoiled me graphically.
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